Escape Walkthroughs and Cheats

Escape Walkthroughs has all the latest walkthroughs, cheats, guides, tips and hints for how to beat all of the most popular and hottest escape games for iOS and Android devices! Are you having trouble with escape games like – Escape If You Can, You Must Escape, Endless Escape, Can You Escape Horror, Can You Escape 3D, Can You Escape 2, and Can You Escape Tower? Well you’ve come to the right site! Because here you will find all the escape walkthroughs, tips, cheats, and guides for how to beat every level!
escape walkthroughs

Escape Game Walkthroughs

Can You Escape
Can You Escape 2
Can You Escape 3D
Can You Escape Horror
Can You Escape Tower
Dooors 4
Endless Escape
Escape If You Can
Escape the Prison Room

This escape walkthrough site has you covered for all the cheats and hints you need to beat the escape games and the levels that are giving you trouble! These escape games require intense amount of thought, imagination, and creativity–as you try to escape through every room and place, and then onto the next level.

In most cases, these escape games require an intense amount of dedication and calculation–as you move stuff around to find keys, objects, and clues that will help you move onto the next level. Some of these items, codes, and other object are hidden behind place–and require you to shake your phone, move pieces of the room around, and in some cases even do math problems to gain numbers that will be used in a puzzle, or a code to escape the room.

And in many cases the levels can take up to a half-hour if you are doing it correctly. If you’re not doing it correctly, then it could take you hours or days before you are able to fully complete the level. And in almost all cases, you must follow a set order, and not skip steps to be able to beat the level and escape.

That’s why it’s important to follow all the correct steps, but most importantly to have all the correct hints, tips, clues and the best walkthroughs! And here you will find all the best walkthroughs for all your favorite escape games!

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Escape Game Walkthroughs and Cheats