Can You Escape 2 Level 7 Walkthrough

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Can You Escape 2 Level 7 Walkthrough

1. First click on the desk on the right side of the room.


2. You will see a red paw print.


3. Now go to the other room and click on the cage by the right side of the room. You will see a blue paw print.


4. Now go to the beginning room again and click on the large monkey statue on the left side of the room. You will see a green paw print behind it.


5. Now click on the cooking pot on the desk in the right side of the room. You will see a yellow hand print.


6. Now click on the bookshelf by the elevator. You will see blocks where you can enter the correct color and type of paw print. The correct pattern is red bear, blue wolf, green dog, yellow hand. It will look like such, with the exception of the yellow block (it should be a hand print).


7. The bookshelf will open to reveal a banana. Take the banana.


8. Now go back to the monkey statue. Highlight the banana and tap the monkey, and it will switch positions and replace the key that it is holding with the banana. You will receive the key.


9. Click on the refrigerator box in the right corner of the room, and use the key on the lock to open it.


10. You will see buckets of ice cream. The one in the top right corner has frozen meat on top of it. Take the frozen meat.


11. Now go back and click on the desk again in the same room. Click on the lower right corner, so that it brings you to the image of the desk drawers and the red paw that you saw earlier. Open the middle drawer, and you will see a bottle of fish food. Take it.


12. Now go to the room with the “Nature Preserve” sign and click on the cupboard on the left hand side of the room.


13. Open the door to reveal a tank of gas and a fire extinguisher. Move both of these to the left by dragging them to the side, and they will reveal a bottle of lighter fluid. Take it.


14. Now click on the fish tank in the right side of the room, and click on the door on the lid to open it. Highlight the bottle of fish food and click on the fish tank to feed the fish.


15. Now go back to the main room with the elevator, and click on the top drawer of the desk. There will be a place to enter a code. Enter the code “7583”.


16. The drawer will open to reveal a box of matches. Take them.


17. Now click on the top of the desk where the cooking pot is. Click on the burner, and click on one of the knobs to lift it up. Now highlight the lighter fluid and click on the knob to fill the stove with gas.


18. Now go back to the cooking pot. Highlight the frozen meat from the ice cream cooler and click the pot to put it in the pot.


19. Now click on the burner again, and highlight your box of matches. Click on the burner to start the stove.


20. The meat will now be thawed. Take it.


21. Go back to the room with the “Nature Preserve” sign and click on the cage in the right hand corner. Highlight the meat and click on the bowl to feed the large cat.


22. Now click on the cage in the left side of the room. You will see a key card on the ground. Take it.


23. Now click on the computer sitting on the area between the two cages. Use the key card to gain access to it. It will turn on and reveal an animal picture puzzle. Solve the puzzle by rotating each puzzle piece until the picture makes sense. It will be a picture of a zebra.


24. Now go back to the cage on the left and click the door. It will open.


25. Now click on the wooden door on the floor and you will see that it has a color wheel puzzle. To solve it, tap the first wheel twice, the second wheel twice, the third wheel three times.


26. The door will open to reveal a large red button labeled “Do Not Press.” Press the button. Now go back to the main room and you will find the elevator door open, and you can continue on to the next level.




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