Can You Escape 2 Level 8 Walkthrough

Welcome to the dedicated website for Can You Escape 2 Walkthroughs! We have Can You Escape 2 Walkthroughs for all levels, including our Can You Escape 2 Level 8 walkthrough! Stuck on a level of Can You Escape 2? Look no further – this Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough for Can You Escape 2 Level 8 will help you conquer this challenging level.

Can You Escape 2 Level 8 Walkthrough

1. First click on the desk on the left side of the room.


2. You will see a Lego vehicle on the left side of the desk. Click it for a closer look, and then click the wheel to take a small wooden gear.


3. Now, going back to the broad view of the desk, click on the lamp for a closer look. Flip the switch to turn it on and reveal 4 numbers, “2436.”


4. Go back to the desk and click on the middle drawer with the combination lock. Enter the four numbers you saw earlier (2436) by tapping each circle a certain amount of times. Tap the first circle once, the second circle once, the third circle 4 times, and the fourth circle twice. The drawer will open to reveal  a small metal handle. Take it.


5. Now go to the large view of the room. Click on the small metal box to the right of the room. Highlight the handle and click the slots on the box to use the handle to open the box.


6. The box will open to reveal a bunch of gears and a battery. Take the battery.


7. Now go to the desk on the left side of the room again and look at the colored lights by the lamp. Highlight the battery and click the light a few times to open it. Once you have put the battery in, click the light a few more times to close it and turn it on.


8. The light will flash a combination code. The code is 3 green, 2 yellow, 4 red, and 5 blue.


9. Now go to the suitcase on the bed. Enter the code from earlier to open the suitcase.


10. The suitcase will open and reveal another wooden gear, but larger. Take it.


11. Now go into the other room with the blue rug. Click on the bookshelf in the middle.


12. Click on the green scratch ticket laying on the bookshelf. Scratch the bottom area by swiping your finger across it to reveal the numbers 3624.


13. Now go back to the room and click on the bottom of the bookshelf to inspect a safe box. Enter the code 3624.


14. The box will open to reveal a magnet. Take it.


15. Now click on the easel on the right side of the room. Click on the third, back leg to take it.


16. Click on both the easel leg and the magnet to combine them and make a new tool.


17. Now go back to the bedroom and inspect the trashcan by the desk to the left of the room. You will see an elevator ticket at the bottom. Take it.


18. Now click on the yellow ticket machine by the elevator. Highlight the ticket and click the machine to insert the ticket.


19. This will open the doors of the elevator, but not the outer cage. Inspect the elevator to see a third wooden wheel on the ground. Highlight your magnet tool and click the gear to take it.


20. Now go back to the metal box on the right side of the room and open it up to reveal the gears from earlier. Highlight each of the wooden gears and tap on their respective locations to complete the machine. The smallest gear goes in the bottom right corner, the medium-sized gear goes in the bottom left corner, and the largest gear goes in the middle.


21. The elevator doors will no longer be blocked by the cage and you will now be allowed to proceed to the next level.



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