Can You Escape 3D Level 11 Walkthrough

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Can You Escape 3D Level 11 Walkthrough

1. Go over to the long cabinet on the right and open up all 4 doors. Grab the blue cable inside.


2. Plug the cable into the grey and red box to the right of the television.


3. Grab the CD in between the books on the bookshelf.


4. Go over to the switches on the right side of the room and turn all three.


5. This will turn the television on. The television asks for a code.


6. Go over to the coffee table and check out the magazines. Remember the numbers and their order.


7. Go over to the couch and move one of the pillows aside. Pick up the remote and enter “7245” into its keypad. This will change the television screen.


8. Check out the shapes on the television. Count the shapes in each group. You should come up with 7-5-3.


9. Plug in 7-5-3 to leave the room.


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