Can You Escape 3D Level 4 Walkthrough

Welcome to the dedicated website for Can You Escape 3D Walkthroughs! We have Can You Escape 3D Walkthroughs for all levels, including our Can You Escape 3D Level 4 walkthrough! Stuck on a level? Look no further – this Can You Escape 3D Level 4 will help you conquer this challenging level.

Can You Escape 3D Level 4 Walkthrough

1. First head over to the table on the left and grab the crowbar underneath it.


2. Take the crowbar over to the chalkboard and wrench it off the wall. Grab the hammer behind it.


3. Use the hammer on the glass to the right of the tables. Grab the hatchet inside.


4. Use the hatchet on the podium. Grab the keycard inside and escape!


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