Can You Escape 3D Walkthrough

Can You Escape 3D walkthrough and cheats for every level of this high-resolution hit game. One of the most challenging and detailed escape games on the App Store today by Nordic Electronics, Can You Escape 3D is available for almost any mobile device, including iOS products and Android phones and tablets. Having trouble breaking out of a room? We’ve got your back with our exclusive guide to Can You Escape 3D walkthrough, cheats, tips and guides for every level.
can you escape 3d

Can You Escape 3D Levels

Can You Escape 3D is easily the most elaborate and well-designed game yet, featuring detailed environments that can be interacted with in a whole bunch of ways. Not only are the environments well-designed with great HD graphics, they’re fully 3D as well. No, they weren’t trying to pull your leg! You can actually rotate every room to look at the scene from every angle by simply swiping your screen. This will help you get a better look at the room’s contents, making it easier to figure out what you need to pick up and investigate. And here you can find all the Can You Escape 3d walkthrough and cheats for every level!

Unfortunately, this enhanced detective ability means Can You Escape 3D is harder than most escape games. Upon beginning a level, you’ll be presented with a straightforward look at a room. You’re trapped, as usual, and have no way out but through the single door on one wall. Your mission will be to figure out the trick to opening this mysterious door. You might have to find a key or a crowbar to open the door directly, or you might have to install fresh batteries in a remote control. Some items might be lying on a table for your immediate use, while others will be hidden under peculiar hatches that you might miss at first. Be sure to look and tap everywhere in the room before you get too frustrated. Sometimes the most innocuous items will hold the key to your freedom.

The toughest part of beating this game is figuring out what items need to be combined in order to make a tool. If you haven’t watched enough MacGyver to figure it out on your own, just use our Can You Escape 3D walkthrough, cheats, tips, and guides to help you through the rough patches!

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