Can You Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Welcome to the dedicated website for Can You Escape Walkthroughs! We have Can You Escape Walkthroughs for all levels, including our Can You Escape Level 7 walkthrough! Stuck on a level of Can You Escape? Look no further – this Can You Escape Walkthrough for Can You Escape Level 7 will help you conquer this challenging level.

Can You Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

1. Click on the toolbox to the right of the screen. Once you zoom in, click on it again and it will reveal a screw driver. Pick this up.


2. Go back and click on the ship on the back wall. If you move one of its life boats aside, you will reveal a key. This is the first of two keys you need.


3. Go to the second room on the left. Click on the blocks on the floor.


4. Memorize their order. Top row: yellow, green, blank, yellow. Bottom row: blue, blank, red, blank.


5. Go back to the first one and click on the box to the left of the elevator. The order of the blocks in the other room is the code you need to open this box. Once you open it, take the pliers from the box.


6. Go back to the second room and zoom in on the camera on the table to the right. Remember the “4841” code.


7. Plug this code into the safe below the table and open it up.


8. Inside the safe is another pattern for you to memorize: blank, white, white, blank, white, white.


9. Next, zoom in on the picture frame on top of the same table. Turn the frame around and use your screw driver to open the back. Pick up the SD card.


10. Now go over to the red toolbox in the same room. Use your pliers to open up the block. Take the camera inside. Zoom in on the camera and insert the SD card.


11. Go back to the other room and click on the small box on the shelf next to the tv. For the top row, select the squares as per the white square code from the table in the second room: click the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th squares.

For the bottom row, look at your camera for the colors that correspond to the box: yellow = 4, blue = 3, red = 1, black = 6


12. Take the key from inside and escape the room!


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