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Can You Escape walkthrough and cheats for every level of the original escape game for Android devices. Can You Escape is a great introduction to the escape game genre, and is available for download on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. This game was developed by MobiGrow, who also developed sequels in the series (Can You Escape 2 and Can You Escape – Tower). If you’ve been having trouble beating any level of this grueling puzzle game, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a full list of Can You Escape walkthrough and cheats for every level.
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Can You Escape Levels:

Can You Escape Level 1
Can You Escape Level 2
Can You Escape Level 3
Can You Escape Level 4
Can You Escape Level 5
Can You Escape Level 6
Can You Escape Level 7
Can You Escape Level 8
Can You Escape Level 9

The essential goal of Can You Escape is to get your unseen character through the single door in each room. There are no other exits, so RPG fans be warned–this game is more than a little “railroady.” But their disdain is your gain, puzzle fans! You’ll need to tap every inch of every room to investigate its contents. Once you find what’s hidden in each room, you can fill out your inventory and build tools to break free. And above you will find all the Can You Escape walkthrough and cheats for every level!

Luckily, as this is an image-based puzzle game, the graphics are top-notch. MobiGrow has really gone all-out in this series, and the first installment is certainly no exception. You’ll need to think carefully and consider which items might combine to form a useful tool. You may need to think way outside the box to figure out the assembly! Also, consider what items would be able to manipulate others in the room. If you see a screwdriver, pick it up and ask yourself what objects might be held together with screws.

A big plus in this game’s favor is that the levels are not repeptitive, so you’ll never get bored by a particular room. What we can’t promise, unfortunately, is that you won’t get frustrated. Some of these levels are gruelingly difficult! But then again, that’s exactly the reason we made this site. If you’ve poked and prodded every inch of a room and just can’t seem to figure out the solution, don’t worry. We have Can You Escape walkthrough and cheats with step-by-step instructions on how to beat every level!

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