Dooors 4 Level 13-16 Walkthrough

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Dooors 4 Level 13 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 13 screenshot
1. Tap the dice to change their values. Change the dice so that it shows 4, 5, 0, 0, or the product of 45 x 100.

Dooors 4 Level 14 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 14 screenshot
1. The circles with arrows in them are resting on a gradient line. The diamond above the door has several triangles inside of it. Tap each circle so that the arrow matches the direction of the triangles with the matching shade on the gradient.

Dooors 4 Level 15 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 15 screenshot
1. Inspect the smaller panel to the right of the door and use the wrench to open it and reveal the lighter.
dooors 4 level 15 screenshot
2. Use the lighter on the panel with the fire sign above it to reveal the correct pattern for the dotted circles.
dooors 4 level 15 screenshot
3. Tap the dotted circles until you have the correct pattern. The door will now be unlocked.

Dooors Level 16 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 16 screenshot
1. Tap a different finger on each ball as it crosses the grey stripe so that it stops on the grey stripe. When the light turns green, quickly tap the door to unlock it and move on.

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