Dooors 4 Level 17-20 Walkthrough

Welcome to Dooors 4 walkthroughs on Escape Walkthroughs! We are the dedicated experts on all things escape games, including walkthroughs for all Dooors 4 levels! Stuck on Dooors 4 level 17-20? Read on for a full walkthrough of each Dooors 4 level! Looking for walkthroughs for other Dooors 4 levels? Check out the level list for walkthroughs for all levels of Dooors 4!

Dooors 4 Level 17 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 17 screenshot
1. Swipe the plant on the right out of the screen until you see a lightswitch.
2. Press the lightswitch to reveal the right order to press the buttons around the door.
3. Press the buttons in the right order to unlock the door.

Dooors 4 Level 18 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 18 screenshot
1. Tap on the lighter and then tap on the piece of rope tied to the bottom lever to burn it off.
dooors 4 level 18 screenshot
2. Slide each lever to the opposite side to open the gates and unlock the door.

Dooors 4 Level 19 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 19 screenshot
1. When you tilt your phone, the ball will roll and the shapes above the door will separate into four unique shapes.
2. Tap on each shape next to the door until they match the order of the separated shapes above the door.

Dooors 4 Level 20 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 20 screenshot
1. Inspect the handle on the ground. Tap on the bolts and then on the handle to insert the bolts into each side, and then use the wrench to screw them in.
dooors 4 level 20 screenshot
2. Pull the handle up to reveal a box with four dots.
dooors 4 level 20 screenshot
3. When you pull on the strings near the door, they reveal different colored dots with white circles in them. Change the white dots on the box to match this order of colors, and the door will unlock.

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