Dooors 4 Level 25-28 Walkthrough

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Dooors 4 Level 25 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 25 screenshot
1. Tilt your phone back and forth to ram the door with the metal ball. Each time you ram the door a green light will turn on.
dooors 4 level 25 screenshot
2. When all three lights are green, tilt your phone to the side to roll the ball off the track so you can pass through the door.

Dooors 4 Level 26 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 25 screenshot
1. Inspect the green cabinet. Use the pitchfork on the red line on the left to grab the pink key.

dooors 4 level 25 screenshot
2. Use the pink key on the pink cabinet to get the yellow key. Open the yellow cabinet with the yellow key to get the blue key. then open the blue cabinet with the blue key to get the green key.
dooors 4 level 25 screenshot
3. The green key doesn’t work for the green cabinet, so you need to go back to the blue cabinet and peel at the bottom corner of the door to expose the last key. This key opens the door.

Dooors 4 Level 27 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 27 screenshot
1. Hold a finger on the left thermometer to fill it up, and fill it up until it reaches the striped section on the thermometer on the right. A bar above the door will turn green, and the door will open slightly. Do this four times to fill the bars and open the door.

Dooors 4 Level 28 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 28 screenshot
1. Tap the floor tile that has dots on each corner to illuminate pink shapes on the wall. Then tap each set of squares by the door to match the total number of squares that each pink shape fills up. The door will unlock and you will be able to continue.

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