Dooors 4 Level 33-36 Walkthrough

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Dooors 4 Level 33 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 33 screenshot
1. Raise the pulleys on either side of the door to drop a gong with a pattern from the top of the screen. Change each circle’s arrow to match that in the gong. When the lights turn off, simply shake your phone to turn them back on.

Dooors 4 Level 34 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 34 screenshot
1. Slide the gate open with your fingers, and tilt your phone to roll the ball into the correct position shown above the door. When the light turns green, quickly tap the door to open it.

Dooors 4 Level 35 Walkthrough
dooors 4 level 35 screenshot
1. Tap the cushions on the coffee table three times to lift them all up and reveal 9 spirals on the table.
dooors 4 level 35 screenshot
2. Two of the spirals rotate in different directions than the rest. Look behind the couch to show 9 buttons and tap the two buttons that correspond to those different spirals.
dooors 4 level 35 screenshot

Dooors 4 Level 36 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 36 screenshot
1. Balls of different colors are going to be thrown across the room. When the buttons light up, press the button of the ball most-recently thrown to fill a green bar. Do this 5 times to unlock the door.

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