Dooors 4 Level 9-12 Walkthrough

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Dooors 4 Level 9 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 9 screenshot
1. Tap the colored squares to change the body part symbol inside. Match the symbol to the corresponding colored dot on the person’s face above the door. The door will now be unlocked.

Dooors 4 Level 10 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 10 screenshot
1. Tap on the man’s chest to inspect his necklace. The pattern is four arrows pointing inward.
dooors 4 level 10 screenshot
2. Now tap behind the chair to reveal four arrows. Tap each arrow to turn it to match the pattern on the necklace.
dooors 4 level 10 screenshot
3. The door will unlock and you can move on.

Dooors 4 Level 11 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 11 screenshot
1. Shake your phone left to right (to match the dancing figures) to fill up the green bars and unlock the door.

Dooors 4 Level 12 Walkthrough

dooors 4 level 12 screenshot
1. Tap on the blue levers under each anchor on the wall with only one red dot, including the single red dot with no anchor.

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