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Dooors 4 walkthrough and cheats for all of the levels of the new escape game that is topping the charts! Dooors 4 is the fourth game in the insanely popular Dooors series by 58works. The game is available for download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This fun new game will put your puzzle skills to the test! And below you will find all the Dooors 4 Walkthrough, cheats, guides, and tips for every level!

Dooors 4 Level 1-4 Walkthrough

Dooors 4 Level 5-8 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 9-12 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 13-16 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 17-20 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 21-24 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 25-28 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 29-32 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 33-36 Walkthrough
Dooors 4 Level 37-40 Walkthrough

The main goal of Dooors 4 is to overcome different obstacles and roadblocks to unlock the door to each consecutive level. In order to keep moving from room to room you will need to solve a series of puzzles. Sometimes you may need to find a secret key to the door, fill the green bars to unlock the door, or even putting a cone over the head of a doorman to get through! The puzzles in this game are unique, exciting, and above all, challenging!

During each level in Dooors 4, there is no way to think but outside the box. Once you get the hang of figuring out how to open each door, you will not be able to put this game down until you have unlocked every door in the game! Dooors 4, especially when compared to other escape games on the app store, stands apart with the uniqueness of each level. Each room you go into consists of puzzles and obstacles that are completely different from the previous level. If you are a fan of escape games and love the challenge, you will love Dooors 4!

This site will provide you with all of the Dooors 4 walkthrough, cheats, and hints that you may need to help you beat each level of Dooors 4. Remember: each level requires a completely different method to opening the door, so you will need patience and a mind that likes to think outside the box. With 40 doors that need to be unlocked, there’s a good chance that you will get stuck on one. If you are having trouble figuring out how to open a certain door, don’t worry, because we have all of the Dooors 4 walkthrough and cheats to get you moving through the all the different doors and levels!

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