Escape If You Can Level 6 Walkthrough

Welcome to the dedicated website for Escape If You Can Walkthroughs! We have Escape If You Can Walkthroughs for all levels, including our Escape If You Can Level 6 walkthrough! Stuck on a level of Escape If You Can? Look no further – this Escape If You Can Walkthrough for Escape If You Can Level 6 will help you conquer this challenging level.

Escape If You Can Level 6 Walkthrough

1. Go to the bookshelf that is to the left of the elevator and grab the green key that inside of the bowl.


2. Go to the red box to the right of the elevator. Use the green key to unlock the box. Grab the black flash drive inside of it.


3. Click the blue arrow that leads you into another room.


4. Go to the computer that is on the desk and combine the black flash drive with the computer. You will receive a pattern of colors. Remember the colors.


5. Go the painting that is hanging on the wall and enter the four colors to the four corner circles.


6. You will receive a four-digit code – 5826.


7. Enter the code onto the filing cabinet. Inside you will find a silver needle.


8. Go back out to the main room. Click on the top of the bookcase. Put the needle into the handle. Inside you will find a pink key.


9. Go back to the other room and tap on the filing cabinet. Underneath the cabinet you will find a red lock. Use the red key to unlock it.


10. There will be a red circle. Use the green key to turn the circle green. Go back to the main room and elevator will be open.


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