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Escape If You Can walkthrough and cheats for every level of the game. Introducing Escape If You Can, the hottest and most puzzling escape game for mobile. Escape If You Can is free and available for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch by Kaarel Kirsipuu. Absolutely baffled and stuck ? Check out our Escape If You Can walkthrough and cheats.

Escape If You Can Level 1
Escape If You Can Level 2
Escape If You Can Level 3
Escape If You Can Level 4
Escape If You Can Level 5
Escape If You Can Level 6
Escape If You Can Level 7
Escape If You Can Level 8
Escape If You Can Level 9

Escape if You Can, the most challenging and bewildering escape game to date. You will need to fully immerse yourself in each room so that you can pass through to the elevator to advance to the next floor. In order to do this you will need to dig down deep and unleash your inner detective. Think you can handle it? No worries, because even if you can’t, we have all the Escape If you Can walkthroughs.

When a level begins, you will be put inside a heavily detailed and mysterious room. It will be your job to comb through your surroundings to find the next clue to make your exit. This will also entail some serious puzzle solving and lock cracking. Like any other escape game, you will need to connect your actions one after the other so that you can leave the room.

However, unlike some other escape games, Escape If You Can offers up no hints. That’s right, none! You are completely alone and on your own. Therefore this game is going to be extra challenging. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with all of our Escape If You Can walkthrough and cheats.

Escape If You Can is as challenging as can be and offers up some of the most beautiful and vivid levels of any game of its kind on mobile. If you are looking for the next great game to prove that you are indeed the Houdini of escape games, then you need to download Escape If You Can right now! But take caution, Escape If You can is not for any amateur escape artist. So, be sure to check out all of our extensive Escape If You Can walkthroughs and cheats for every level of the game right here.


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