Escape Quest Level 4

Escape Quest level 4 walkthrough begins here! Escape Quest is the new intriguing game from MobiGrow, makers of Can You Escape, that challenges you to break out of 15 rooms. By collecting items, combining them, and using them to solve intricate puzzles, you’ll train your brain and become a master escape artist! If you’re having trouble with Escape Quest level 4, just follow our simple walkthrough below.

Escape Quest Level 4 Walkthrough


  • Go to the desk and pick up the wire cutter and needle.
  • Use the cutter on the needle. This will bend it into a hook.
  • Look at the fish tank. Use the hook to retrieve a box. Open it to take a lightbulb and a blue key.
  • Put the lightbulb in the desk lamp to turn it on. You will reveal a code, 2173.
  • Look at the painting on the right-hand wall. Tap it to reveal a safe. Use the code to open the safe.
  • Take the knife and yellow key from the safe. Use the knife to cut the X on the shark to the right of the door. Take the red key.
  • Use all three keys to open the corresponding locks on the door.

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