Escape Quest Level 5

Escape Quest level 5 walkthrough begins here! Escape Quest is the new intriguing game from MobiGrow, makers of Can You Escape, that challenges you to break out of 15 rooms. By collecting items, combining them, and using them to solve intricate puzzles, you’ll train your brain and become a master escape artist! If you’re having trouble with Escape Quest level 5, just follow our simple walkthrough below.

Escape Quest Level 5 Walkthrough


  • Look on the grey box to the left and take the bottle with the red cap.
  • Look at the toolbox on the right and take the bottle with the yellow cap.
  • Look at the yellow bucket and take the mop and key inside.
  • Use the key to open the toolbox and get a screwdriver.
  • Combine the two bottles in your inventory. Use the combined bottle on the four containers of green liquid.
  • This will alter the colors and volume in the containers. Note how many units each container has: four units of yellow, two of red, one of green, and three of blue.
  • Use the mop to clean the upper right corner of the room and reveal a code, 496.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the vent behind the toolbox. You’ll find a safe. Open the safe with code 496 and take the crowbar.
  • Use the crowbar on the wooden crate to open it. Enter the color code to see what’s inside: the door key! Take it and exit the room.

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