Escape The Prison Room Level 2

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Escape The Prison Room Level 2

escape the prison room level 2


  • On the bed on the right side of the room, remove one of the bars.
  • Move the yellow pillow on the bottom of the bunk.  Grab the screwdriver handle.  Combine the bed bar and the screwdriver together.
  • Tap the ladder on the left to take the rings.
  • Under the bed on the left you will find a metal pipe.  Unscrew the vent on the left side of the room with the screwdriver.
  • Find the valve inside.  Next to the door there is a hole.  Put the pipe into the hole and the valve on top.  Tap it and a file will appear.
  • Take the blanket from the bed on the right.  Combine it with the file and the rings.  Use that combination to break through the main door.

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