Escape The Prison Room Level 3

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Escape The Prison Room Level 3

escape the prison room level 3


  • Look at the bunk on the left.  Open the book to find a pattern inside.
  • Take the bowl on the right side of the screen and pour the liquid into the toilet.
  • When you tap the pipe on the wall a crowbar will remove.
  • On the wall you will find a puzzle.  Put the puzzle back together.  Use the crowbar to break through the picture.  Inside you will find scissors to grab.
  • Use the scissors on the book that you found on the bunk.  Remove the rolled up paper.
  • Go back to the toilet and copy the pattern on the paper with the toilet handle.
  • Grab the flashlight out of the toilet.  Use the flashlight to look under the bunk.
  • You will find another pattern.  On the right shelf where the bowl is you will find another pattern.
  • The last patter is on the pillow on the bed.  The pattern formed is: yellow, red, green, blue.  Behind the puzzle you will enter this pattern.  Grab the keys to unlock the main door.

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