Escape The Prison Room Level 5

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Escape The Prison Room Level 5

escape the prison room level 5


  • At the bottom left side of the bed you will find a cloth.  Grab the cloth.
  • Behind the curtain you will find a hammer.  There is also a cord on the right side to grab.
  • Under the table in the middle you will find a camera.   Use the hammer to remove the nails from the bed.   Use the nails to hang the photo to the security camera.
  • Break the handle off the broom with the hammer.
  • Look at the blue bowl on the table.  Inside you will find a magnet.  Use the magnet, the cord, and the handle to form a magnet stick.
  • Use the stick and put it in the air vent on the wall.  Inside you will grab a screwdriver.
  • On the corner you will find a bottle among the food.
  • Turn the bench upside down. Under you will find matches.  Combine all of the objects together.
  • Light everything together and put it to the smoke detector at the top of the screen.  This will open the main door.

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