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Escape the Prison Room walkthrough and cheats to the new game from Pedro Chang.  This developer has created many other hit escape games, such as Escape the Room Now, Escape the Room Zombies, Escape the Room Epic, and many more.  In the new series, players will be trying to escape out of a variety of prison rooms.  Escape the Prison Room is available for free download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Escape The Prison Room Levels:

Escape The Prison Room Level 1
Escape The Prison Room Level 2
Escape The Prison Room Level 3
Escape The Prison Room Level 4
Escape The Prison Room Level 5
Like in many of the other escape games in the store, you will be faced with a room.  In each room you will need to solve a series of puzzles in order to free yourself from the room. In order to open the door into the next room you will need to solve puzzles, such as putting a picture back together, lifting up different items, and much more.  Make sure you keep an open mind throughout each level.  The clues and puzzles may be more challenging than you think in Escape the Prison Room!

The design and creativity in each room will make playing this game much more fun and challenging.  Some of the puzzles that you need to figure out are much more developed and thorough than previous escape games.  Currently, the game has five different prison rooms for you to escape.  Each room has a different theme based on a prison movie.  See if you can figure out what movie each room is depicting.  Remember, escape games are trick and you need to keep an open mind to solve all of the puzzles.

Once you break through one room, you will not want to stop until you have escaped all of them.  If you are having trouble figuring out one of the puzzles and escaping the room, come back here for Escape the Prison Room walkthroughs and cheats to every level.

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