You Must Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Welcome to the dedicated website for You Must Escape Walkthroughs! We have You Must Escape Walkthroughs for all levels, including our You Must Escape Level 6 walkthrough! Stuck on a level of You Must Escape? Look no further – this You Must Escape Walkthrough for You Must Escape Level 6 will help you conquer this challenging level.

You Must Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

1. Go to the desk that is on the right side of the room and grab the knife that is beside the sandwich.


2. Go to the wood table on the left that is hanging and hit the pink knobs until they both are facing right. The table will open up and two piece of paper will be on the table. Tap the paper.


3. Grab the knife and use the it to open up the compartment. Inside will be a handle. Grab the handle.


4. Go over to the toilet. Inside the toilet there will be a saw. Grab the saw from the toilet.


5. Go over to the wooden chair on the right side of the room and use the saw to saw off the front leg of the chair.


6. Go over the sink and grab the ax that is inside. Tap the floor underneath the sink and use the ax to break open the floor and reveal a wooden box. Put the handle on the wooden box and open it up.


7. Go down the ladder to the basement.


8. In the basement you will see a shovel in the left corner and a piece of paper on the right side. Collect both of the items.


9. Grab the shovel and tap the center of the room. The key will appear on the floor.


10. Grab the key from the basement and go back up the ladder. Once upstairs use the key to unlock the door.

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